Thank you for considering Changing Faces for your dental health needs. Changing Faces is a family dental care facility. We are proud of our history and commitment to preventive dental care and we will endeavor to maintain this record of successful outcomes with you, your family and the families and friends you choose to refer to us.


Here are several key elements of our preventive philosophy that have helped us to continue to provide our care over several decades.

  • We understand and bear witness to the adage that an “ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”.  We also believe that some aspects of the ‘preventive philosophy starts in the first few weeks to months of life. Our dentists and hygienists are highly skilled, continually and effectively trained to deliver beneficial procedures as well as help you to learn to help yourself prevent dental disease.
  • We are a mercury free clinic and have proudly been so since June 1991. We do not use amalgam as a restorative material. As of January 2013 The World Health Organization has brought together 140 countries and created a legally binding Treaty to reduce mercury emissions and releases to the air. Dental amalgam is included in this treaty. We are proud of the fact that this clinic started this process 22 years earlier.
  • We will often recommend early orthopedic and myofunctional treatment. It is our experience over many years and many hundreds of cases that when children are examined and treated early, costly orthodontic treatment can be mitigated if not eliminated.
  • Modern dental care consists of the delivery of a multitude of treatment choices and treatment materials. We consistently co-diagnose and discuss various treatment options with our clients to help them select the most personally appropriate treatment outcome.  Our goal is to inform before we perform.
  • Our fees are reasonably positioned, and we are happy to discuss financial arrangements to suit your circumstances.

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