Introducing Nerissa: The Passionate Dental Hygienist with a Commitment to Excellence

Meet Nerissa, rounding off our trio of directors, she is an advocate of dental and holistic health . Niss graduated from Otago in 1997, during the second intake ever conducted of dental hygienists in New Zealand. Since then, she has dedicated herself to perfecting her craft. In 2010, Nerissa broadened her expertise by becoming an Orthodontic Auxiliary.

Nerissa’s commitment to excellence is apparent in her ongoing education. She completed both introductory and advanced courses in oral myology from Coulston Institute, showcasing her zeal for addressing the root causes of dental problems. This dedication ensures that her patients receive comprehensive care.

Outside of the clinic, Nerissa is a loving mother who cherishes the moments she spends with her family. She’s always up for a challenge and supported her husband’s dream by acquiring a farm three years ago. When she’s not at the clinic, she can be found milking cows or chasing her daughter’s pony.

But Nerissa’s interests don’t stop there. She also indulges in wake surfing , where she finds freedom and the rush of the water. With a heart devoted to both her profession and her family, Nerissa embodies the perfect balance of professional excellence and a zest for life outside of the dental world.