Say hello to Tricia, our wonder woman of hygiene and patient care! Tricia graduated from George Brown University in Canada and then set her sights on New Zealand back in 2007 for a bit of adventure. Since then, she’s made New Zealand her home and has become a seasoned hygienist with a few extra skills up her sleeve.

Tricia is a real-life superwoman with training in Buteyko breathing, myofunctional therapy, and orthodontic auxiliary. She’s also a go-to expert in treating infants with tethered oral tissue and has even added therapeutic injectables to her list of superpowers, helping patients tackle grinding and TMJ issues. Tricia’s true love, though, is patient care and education. And we’re thrilled to have her on our Changing Faces team since 2019.

But wait, there’s more! Tricia loves to get her hands dirty in the garden and is an avid beekeeper with a soft spot for herbal remedies. When she’s not being a mom to three active boys, she’s busy training for marathons or climbing mountains. And guess how she met her Kiwi husband? Through their mutual love of kickboxing, of course! So, if you’re looking for a superhuman hygienist who knows a thing or two about breathing and can help you climb mountains, Tricia is your gal!